Oneohtrix Point Never

Electronic Jazz

Daniel Lopatin (keyboards, laptop).

Sun  8 July 2012
19:45 - 20:45


For those of us who grew up in the 1980s, Oneohtrix Point Never offers pure nostalgia with music that sounds like Star Wars and vintage arcadevideo games. Oneohtrix Point Never is the solo project of Daniel Lopatin, an experimental musician and producer from Brooklyn. In his compositions and performances he works exclusivelywith second-hand synthesizers. And just like Alan Lomax, who traveled around visiting cotton pickers and even prisons in the 1950s to record folk and blues songs, Oneohtrix Point Never rummages around the internet, looking for soundbites from commercials that he might use. In this manner, this unique sound artist has already created six albums. But where nostalgia for the eighties set the tone before, he has left that era behind him with his sixth album, Replica. Just like a spacecraft exploring the universe, Oneohtrix Point Never will look for new musical "tricks". In doing so he doesn't wish to be an eccentric, but rather an explorer who likes to share the adventure with his audience.