NN North Sea Jazz is part of MOJO and is therefore part of the MOJO sustainability policy.

MOJO wants to organize its concerts, festivals and events in a climate-neutral and circular way by 2030 at the latest. Read more about the sustainability goals here.

Cup to cup return system on NN North Sea Jazz

As part of the sustainability plans, NN North Sea Jazz uses a cup return system. Upon arrival you will receive a free return token with which you can buy a cup or bottle with the first drink. With your next order, you hand in the cup or bottle at the bar and you get a new cup or bottle. Or, if you don't order a new drink, you get a token in return. You can exchange this token for a new cup or bottle later. In this way we create a monostream of ( r ) Pet cups so raw material can be recycled at a high quality. Thanks to the cup return system, raw material consumption is drastically reduced.