FAQ mobile tickets

Please read the most asked questions and answers regarding the mobile tickets.
What are mobile tickets?

Mobile tickets are tickets that are directly linked to the Ticketmaster account with which they were purchased. Mobile tickets can only be scanned via your phone. You will find your the tickets in the Ticketmaster app, or the browser of your mobile phone.under 'My Tickets' in 'My Account'. Your tickets cannot be downloaded as a PDF.

A screenshot of the QR code doesn't work either. Only tickets with the special animation will be scanned. More information can be found on the Ticketmaster website.

Why are the North Sea Jazz tickets mobile only?

The aim is to ensure that tickets are only purchased by those who are actually attending the festival and to prevent speculative reselling. The process should allow more people the opportunity to purchase their tickets at the original price. Mobile tickets cannot be resold on external marketplaces, other ticket sites and platforms.

Are the tickets named as well? Do I have to bring my ID to the festival?

No, the tickets are not being sold as named tickets. ID's will not be checked at the entrance.

A few people will come at a different time. Can we go to the festival separately?

Yes, that's possible with single days tickets. The person who bought the tickets can transfer them to others. You can read more about how at this page. Please note: with group tickets everyone must enter at the same time.

Can I buy tickets for somebody else? For instance as a gift, or when the other person is not able to buy tickets at the on-sale date?

Yes, you can. After buying the tickets it's possible to transfer them to someone else. You can read more about how at this page.

Unfortunately I will not be able to visit and want to sell the tickets. Can I offer them online?

You can sell your tickets on the Ticketmaster resale platform from your Ticketmaster account. This also assures the buyer a verified ticket. Click here for more information on how to use the platform. It's not possible to sell mobile tickets on other platforms or websites.

Meer questions about ticket sales?

Do you have any other questions about buying tickets for NN North Sea Jazz? On the Ticketmaster website you will find extensive information about mobile tickets and other matters.