How to get to and from the NN North Sea Jazz Festival

During the festival access roads and parking spaces get very crowded. We therefore advise you to use the public transport, with which Rotterdam Ahoy is easily accessible. Before you leave, please check the site for updated information about your mode of transport. The doors of Ahoy open at 2.30 pm.

Festival location


Travel to Rotterdam Central Station and simply change to the metro to Ahoy, Zuidplein stop. The NS uses extra trains for the return journey in the evening/night.

Please note: Rotterdam Central station closes at 1am on the night from Saturday to Sunday. After 1 a.m. there are no more trains from Rotterdam Central Station. Check your trip in advance at

Restriction on travel on the The Hague - Rotterdam

From Saturday, July 13 (Friday night 00:45) to Friday, July 26, 2024, no trains will run between The Hague and Rotterdam due to construction work.

Visitors who want to come from The Hague by train are recommended to travel via Gouda. There are also replacement buses between The Hague Holland Spoor and Schiedam station, but these can be busy, which may increase waiting time. There is also the option of the Randstad Rail from The Hague. This continues to Zuidplein. Travelers from Leiden can probably detour via Schiphol.

Plan your trip in advance

ProRail works a lot on the track, especially during the weekend, so you can spend longer on the road. Therefore, plan your trip at and check the most current travel advice shortly before departure for the exact departure and arrival times. You can conveniently check your trip along the way via or NS app.


Rotterdam Ahoy is easily accessible by metro and various RET, Connexxion and Arriva bus lines.
Metro lines D (towards De Akkers) and E (towards Slinge) both stop at Zuidplein metro station. From there you can walk to the entrance of Ahoy in 5 minutes. The RET operates larger metros and a longer timetable due to the end time of the NN North Sea Jazz Festival. This means you can still travel to Rotterdam Central Station until late in the evening.

There will be work on the metro track between Tussenwater station and Slinge station from Friday to Sunday. Replacement bus transport is available. That is not on the stretch between Rotterdam Central Station and Zuidplein.

During the festival, the metros continue running until later and some also pass through The Hague Central Station. The special night timetable during the festival weekend will be announced later.

Plan your trip by public transport via, the RET App, or the 9292 app.

OVpay is the new way of checking in and out of public transport in the Netherlands. At RET, you can also easily check in and out using your You don't need to activate anything. You can start traveling this way right away.

OVpay is available everywhere in the Netherlands. Also on all buses, trams, and metros operated by RET in the Rotterdam region.

How does it work?
1.  Hold your contactless debit card against the card reader, wait for the beep, and you're checked in. Make sure to take the card you want to use out of your wallet, so you're sure you're checking in with the right card!

 2.  Upon reaching your destination, you check out with the same card, just like with your OV-chipkaart. Again, hold your contactless debit card against the card reader, wait for the two beeps, and you're checked out. 
  • If your transportation ticket is checked, simply hold your debit card against the inspector's device. By the way, the inspector can only see your most recent check-ins.  
  • Pre-registering is not necessary, and your payment is automatic. The next day, the amount will appear in your payment overview with the description NLOV.
  • The price of your journey is the same as traveling with an OV-chipkaart without any discounts or subscriptions. This is how we make traveling smarter and easier.

    For more information, visit

    Rotterdam Ahoy is conveniently located in relation to all arterial roads.

    You can reach Rotterdam Ahoy via the Ring Rotterdam North (A20), East (A16), South (A15) and West (A4). Please note: a lot of road work is being done in the Rotterdam Ahoy area. For up-to-date information before you travel, take a look at and/or

    Follow the travel advice given on the various information boards on the Rotterdam ring road, the signs around Ahoy and by the traffic controllers regarding parking for North Sea Jazz.


    As far as parking is concerned, we expect a lot of crowds and full parking lots in the area. Due to the high parking demand, there are various parking locations, both in the immediate vicinity and at a distance. Below are the various options.

    Parking P1/P2 Ahoy

    Unfortunately, the parking tickets for the large parking lot P1/P2 are sold out. This means that without a parking ticket with parking guarantee, there will no longer be a free space. Don't have a ticket yet? Then use the many alternatives. If you do have a parking card with a parking guarantee, you can park at Ahoy. Show your parking ticket digitally or printed to the Ahoy parking staff. Even if the signs indicate that the site is FULL, you have access at all times

    Parking at Q-Park

    There are a number of Q-Park parking garages in the immediate vicinity of Ahoy. Such as Q-Park Zuidplein, Q-Park Hart van Zuid and Q-Park Ikazia.

    Parking at P+R in Rotterdam

    Free parking a short distance from Ahoy? That's also possible! You can use one of the many P+R locations in Rotterdam for this. We particularly recommend using P+R Slinge (from East, South or West) and P+R Meijersplein (from North). From here you can continue traveling by metro with your OV-Chipkaart. If you scan your OV-Chipkaart at the payment machine at the P+R location after traveling, your ticket will be converted into a free exit ticket. For an overview of availability you can click here.
    Please note: free parking does not yet work in combination with OV-Pay (bank card). More information can be found here.

    Parking along the Oldegaarde

    Since June 3, 2024, there has been de Oldegaarde (s124) there is paid parking. This means there is more free parking space along this road. You can try to park here and pay by the hour.

    Remote parking

    Unfortunately, this year you cannot park in the regular places at Feyenoord De Kuip, due to a practice match on July 13. A replacement parking location is Waalhaven Zuidzijde parking garage. From here you can travel for free with the shuttle bus to Ahoy upon presentation of your paid parking ticket (available online or on site). There are several shuttle buses per hour and the ride is only 10 minutes. Afterwards you travel back with the same shuttle buses; these run until one hour after the end of the festival.

    On Fridays you can only park between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM with an early parking ticket. After 5 p.m. you can park with a normal parking ticket or purchase a separate ticket at the entrance to the parking garage. On Saturdays and Sundays, access is possible immediately from 1 p.m. for both parking tickets and individual purchases. We do advise you to purchase a parking ticket, so that you are assured of a parking space, because full = full!

    Park and shuttle tickets are available at Ticketmaster via this link.

    Is the Waalhaven Zuidzijde parking garage full and have you not purchased a parking ticket? Then you can try to park in the spaces at the Waalhaven industrial area. To do this, navigate to Parmentierplein and look for a place there. You can then simply ride the shuttle bus, even without a parking ticket. Please note that this area can be very busy and there is no supervision or security.

    Parking other

    There are several other P+R areas around Rotterdam: Kralingse Zoom, Alexander, Capelsebrug, Hoogvliet, Meijersplein, Melanchtonweg. If you travel further with an OV-Chipkaart, parking at the P+R is free. View an overview of the current availability of all P+R locations. /p>

    On and /traffic you will find the current traffic information.

    Parking spaces for people with disabilities

    Do you have serious health problems and are you in possession of a blue disabled card? Then you always have access to the car park, even if it is 'FULL'. is indicated. The car park has 18 disabled parking spaces. If these are occupied, Ahoy parking staff will be happy to make space for you elsewhere in the parking lots. However, we cannot guarantee a parking space close to the entrance.

    Do you have serious health problems but do not have a disability card? Then you must purchase a parking ticket in advance. When entering the Ahoy parking lot, you can indicate to the parking attendants that you have serious health problems. If possible, the parking attendants will help you find a parking space close to the entrance. No guarantee applies here either.

    Are you from (near) Rotterdam? Rotterdam Ahoy is easily accessible by bicycle. A free, monitored bicycle shed will be placed on the forecourt of Rotterdam Ahoy. Only store your bicycle/scooter in the designated shed. Motorcycles cannot be stored in the bicycle shed.

    PLEASE NOTE:It is not permitted to place bicycles and scooters on the forecourt outside the bicycle shed. You run the risk of it being deleted. Motorcycles are also not allowed to be placed on the forecourt.

    Rotterdam Ahoy is also easily accessible by shared scooter or shared bicycle. You can easily travel further from the various train and metro stations with shared transport. For example, you can look at the websites and apps of the providers Check, Go Sharing, Felyx and Donkey Republic. Shared bicycles and shared scooters are often available at major arrival locations. You can park the shared scooters and shared bicycles at the SAA building opposite Ahoy. Parking in front of the door in our bicycle shed on the Voorplein is not possible.

    Unfortunately, there are no options for charging electric vehicles at Ahoy.
    There is a large taxi stand on the Voorplein near the main entrance of Ahoy, supervised by taxi coordinators. Dozens of taxis are ready here to transport you to your final address. An attempt is made to maintain a constant flow of taxis for all guests, so it is not necessary to call your own taxi.

    Uber connects you with a reliable ride in minutes. One tap and a car comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go. And payment is completely cashless.

    As we've partnered with Uber, you're guaranteed your pick up and drop off will be comfortable, fast and safe via the special Uber Pickup and drop off point across the street.


    First time Uber-user? Download the Uber app, enter the code 'NORTHSEAJAZZ' and you will automatically get €10 discount on your first Uber ride in The Netherlands.

    More info about Uber 

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to park a coach in front of Ahoy in the large parking lot. It is possible to drop people off at Ahoy. However, collection is not possible. To pick up passengers we will send you to the buffer location at Sallandweg.

    Will you be dropped off or picked up? Then navigate to the front of Ahoy. Here you will be pointed out by the traffic controllers to a temporary parking spot where the driver can drop you off and pick you up (maximum 15 minutes of stop on the K&R). Click here for a link to the Kiss & Ride.

    Jacob Kleiboerweg 80
    3084 BA Rotterdam