Houserules NN North Sea Jazz

When the organiser considers certain items possibly dangerous to people’s health, safety and/or to public order, these items will not be allowed on the festival site. If necessary, the organiser is allowed to take additional measures at specific events.

By purchasing an admission ticket and/or entering the festival site, visitors agree to the house rules below. MOJO retains the right to review and change these rules at any time. General Conditions for Admission Tickets MOJO Concerts B.V. apply. Breaking house rules could result in revocation of festival access without restitution.

Entering the location of the event as well as attending the event will be at the own risk of the visitor: MOJO will not accept liability for damage suffered by the before-mentioned entering or attending, such as to hearing, sight or any other physical damage.
Access to the festival site will only be granted upon presentation of a valid admission ticket as well as a valid ID.
To visit the event independently (i.e. without being accompanied by an adult) visitors must have a minimum age of 16. The organisation advises younger visitors to be accompanied by an adult.
During the whole event and anywhere on the festival site visitors are obligated to carry identification, as they are in the rest of The Netherlands. Valid identification forms are: driver’s license, passport, and/or official ID card.

Visitors under the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase and/or consume alcohol and/or tobacco. It is forbidden for visitors age 18 and older to provide alcohol and/or tobacco to persons under the age of 18. At the request of bar staff, security personnel or other authorized persons identification must be shown.

1.5.2 Smoking is only allowed outside. In (temporary) buildings, constructions, tents and/or under any roof smoking is strictly prohibited.

It is not allowed to make video and/or audio recordings at the festival site without the specific consent of the organisation. Only compact cameras without removable lenses will be granted access. To take in cameras with changeable lenses or SLR cameras, the organisation’s specific consent is needed. The use of selfie sticks, Go Pros or similar equipment is prohibited.

During the event the organisation may take photos and/or video recordings for promotional purposes, for which no form of compensation will be provided.

For the benefit of security of visitors and personnel camera surveillance may be used at the festival site.

The organisation strives to make the event an enjoyable and safe location for all visitors. Discrimination, intimidation, vandalism, provocation, aggression, causing inconvenience or violence in any form will not be tolerated and can lead to removal from the festival site without restitution and/or visitors being turned over to the police. Crowd surfing, graffiti, open fire and climbing onto (temporary) constructions is prohibited.

Visitors are not allowed to trade goods or hand out flyers and/or samples at the festival site or the parking areas without express permission of the organisation. Such activities in public areas without a license are prohibited by law.
Upon entry to the site personal effects may be searched to check for banned items. Security will also check visitors by way of superficial touch of clothing, pockets, bags and/or shoes. In addition, visitors can be requested to allow a personal search during the festival. Upon refusal of any of the above-mentioned access to the festival site may be withdrawn without restitution.
Bags are not allowed at the festival site. Bags up to A4 size and a width of 10 centimetres are the only exceptions.

If prohibited items are found during entry control, visitors have to store them outside the festival site themselves or part with them at the designated place (seizure). The organisation will not facilitate storage space where items can be temporarily placed. If items are found which are prohibited by law, the police will be informed. Seized or thrown-away items will not be returned to the visitor.

3.3.1 It is not allowed to take the following objects onto the festival site:
Drinks (except water in plastic bottles with a maximum of 0,5 litres, without cap); bottles made of hard plastic; food; drugs and other mind-altering substances; (laughing) gas cartridges; spray cans (except sunscreen, deodorant and perfume); football shirts; club-related expressions; provocating or face-covering clothing; banners; carton/paper signs with captions (except up to A4 size); flags or flagpoles; umbrellas. Selfie sticks; laptops; notebooks; tablets; cameras; video/audio/other recording devices and Go Pros or similar equipment (only compact cameras without removable lenses will be allowed entry). Weapons; chains (except attached to trousers, and jewellery) or any other objects that can be used as a weapon or to cause disruption. Glow sticks; walkie-talkies; laser pens and other lights with a focused beam; toxic, flammable or explosive materials; fireworks; flares. (Pet) animals; chairs and stools (folding or not); canes (except medical); needles. Unmanned air vehicles (i.e. UAVs or drones) and all other possibly dangerous objects.

3.3.2 It is not allowed to take (folding or non-folding) chairs or stools to the festival site. If you have an urgent medical reason to bring them, please contact the organisation well in advance via

Powerbank/battery packs for charging mobile phones, binoculars, sunscreen, hand ventilators on batteries, breast pumps.
Heavy medications; food and fluids necessary due to allergies or diseases, only upon presentation of a medical passport (available free of charge at any pharmacy; please allow circa three weeks application time).