Apart from world class music, North Sea Jazz also offers quality in food and drinks.

At the varied squares you’ll find numerous food and beverage stands at which you can enjoy good food and drinks. Here’s a small selection to make your mouth water!

Mississippi Square
Here, you’ll find oysters, satay, fried fish, Indian curries, falafel, crepes and Vietnamese specialities, among others.

Central Square
Plenty Vega was inspired by top chef Yotam Ottolenghi. But there’s also fresh sushi, Thai stir-fries, fruits and fruit juices, coffee, pastries, and, for the first time: antipasti, pasta, sliced meats, and cheese boards.

Congo Square
With surprising exotic dishes from the Caribbean, Africa and Surinam. Also: animal-friendly meats on the BBQ, Vietnamese snacks en dishes, organic hamburgers, and Cajun soulfood.

Nile Square
Fancy hotdogs, old-school pizzas, homemade organic fries, and authentic Surinam dishes.

On the roof: organic, homemade meatballs typical of The Netherlands!

Coffee, pastries, ice-cream and sandwiches.

Next to the many regular bars, you’ll find special wine bars, the popular World of Whisky Bar, a stand with special coffees and extraordinary gin and tonics.

Shopping for records, books, magazines, musical instruments and much more can be done at stands found at different locations. Original North Sea Jazz items such as T-shirts, bags and posters are for sale at several merchandise stands.