Bart Wirtz

Neo-bop - Jazz Fusion - Straight Ahead Jazz - Modern Creative

Bart Wirtz (saxophone); Emiel van Rijthoven (keyboards, synthesizers); Kasper Kalf (bass); Jamie Peet (drums); Phil Martin (percussion, synthesizers).

Sat  8 July 2017
18:30 - 19:30


Bart Wirtz Casper Faassen

Alto saxophonist Bart Wirtz (1976) loves diversity. You can see that in the formations he has played in and still plays in: The Young Sinatras, Monsieur Dubois, Artvark Saxophone Quartet, Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra… Last year Wirtz released his fourth and most ambitious album Beneath The Surface, on which he takes a completely new direction. The blend of hip hop, rock, jazz, and funk demonstrates a clear break from his earlier work. The addition of electronics and effects creates the illusion that some sounds come from a device while in reality they have been played by real instruments, distorted by effects. Wirtz and his group aim to express emotions that for the most part remain beneath the surface. The saxophonist has already won various jazz awards, including the Erasmus Jazz Prize, the Leiden Jazz Award, the Breda Jazz Prize, and the Edison Jazzism public choice award for his album iDreamer (2012).