The Ploctones

Fusion - Jazz Rock

Efraim Trujillo (saxophone); Anton Goudsmit (guitar); Jeroen Vierdag (bass); Martijn Vink (drums).

Fri  11 July 2014
23:45 - 01:00


The Ploctones Merlijn Doomernik
The Ploctones don’t really need an introduction. They have blown the roof off virtually every venue you can think of. With Anton Goudsmit on guitar, Efraim Trujillo on saxophone, bassist Jeroen Vierdag, and drummer Martijn Vink, the band is a veritable musical monster. But you shouldn’t think that this a party band that simply works through a few hits; their own compositions are exciting pieces with unexpected twists and turns. What we have here is several of the Netherland’s best jazz musicians who defy genres. Jazz? Yes, but also blues, funk, Latin, country and kaseko. The first Ploctone who takes things easy has yet to be born. In 2013 they released the album Ploc, on which they show that they can slow things down for a ballad – very occasionally.