Modern Creative - World Music

Yoram Lachish (hobo, English horn, zurna, shehnai, shofar); Rembrandt Frerichs (piano); Tony Overwater (acoustic bass); Vinsent Planjer (drums, tombak).

Sun  14 July 2013
15:30 - 16:45


Levantasy Copyright Allard Willemse

A rewarding meeting between the classical, intriguing music of the Middle East and modern Western jazz. That is an apt description of the unique concept that is Levantasy. This pioneering musical collaboration brings together the Dutch Kepera Trio, consisting of Rembrandt Frerichs (piano), Tony Overwater (double bass) and Vinsent Planjer (drums), and Israeli multi-instrumentalist Yoram Lachish. The result: an organic melting pot of two cultures, without any loss of individual creativity or identity. The project, which appeared in 2011 as the album with the same name, is a multicultural quest for beauty, subtlety and elegance that explores multiple musical traditions. The combination of Arab stylistic influences and exotic instruments, like the zurna, shofar and tombak, with Western improvisation techniques undoubtedly makes Levantasy one of the most original and exciting acts at the North Sea Jazz Festival.