Dimlite live

Electronic Jazz

Dimlite (vocals, keyboards, electronics); Julian Sartorius (drums).

Sun  8 July 2012
21:30 - 22:30


Dimlite live

Dimlite is the alter ego of Swiss producer/recording artist Dimitri Grimm. Since releasing his instrumental album Runbox Weathers in 2005, he is considered a forerunner when it comes to experimental electronics with influences from hip-hop, jazz and base. After 2010's EP Prismic Tops, Dimlite released his latest album Grimm Reality last year. He has been at North Sea Jazz before, in 2010. This time, he is joined on stage by Swiss drummer Julian Sartorius, who shares the love for experimentation in rhythm and sound necessary to make concerts as enveloping, border-crossing and delightfully singular as they are. In his own words: "It's an experiment in rhythm and sound, combining ancient psychedelic rock, jazz, funk, elements of ambient and noise music, and none of all that."