Take Five Live

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Fraser Fifield (saxophone, pipes); Maciej Obara (alto saxophone); Tom Arthurs (trumpet, flugelhorn); Oene van Geel (viola); Bram Stadhouders (guitar); Ole Morten Vågan, Maciej Garbowski (double bass); Gard Nilssen (drums); Benjamin Flament (vibraphone).

Sun  8 July 2012
16:00 - 17:15


Take Five Live Copyrighted © 2012

Entitled Take Five Live, the Yenisei stage on Sunday night will be entered by candidates of the jazz masterclass Take Five: Europe. It is the first transnational version of the program, put into action after seven successful British editions.


Take Five: Europe was designed by international music producer Serious (UK). Its goal is to give a number of Europe's most talented and upcoming jazz musicians the opportunity to further develop their skills. A committee of jazz industry experts selected two musicians per country from France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and the UK. The Dutch selectees are Bram Stadhouders and Oene van Geel.


Participating artists get the unique possibility to discuss, explore and strengthen all aspects of their future career, both musical and business related, during a residency in the Britisch countryside. Also, the musicians get the opportunity to play at important festivals and stages all around Europe and are encouraged to collaborate with each other.


Take Five Live, the concert the festival, will be performed by nine of the ten candidates. They are: Fraser Fifield (saxophone, pipes), Maciej Obara (alto saxophone), Tom Arthurs (trumpet, flugelhorn), Oene van Geel (viola), Bram Stadhouders (guitar), Ole Morten Vågan, Maciej Garbowski (double bass), Gard Nilssen (drums) and Benjamin Flament  (vibraphone).


Sunday, 4:00 PM, Yenisei


This program has been funded with support from the European Commission.

Music Centre The Netherlands (MCN) and the North Sea Jazz festival are the Dutch partners of the program. MusicXport, MCN's program for improving the position of Dutch musicians abroad and increasing export possibilities, also contributes to Take Five: Europe.