Soul - Funk

Jarle Bernhoft (vocals, guitar, effects).

Sun  8 July 2012
22:45 - 23:45



Bernhoft is a towering, blonde Norwegian with a voice like Marvin Gaye's. Different? You bet! Apart from being a fabulous singer with an abundance of soul, Bernhoft is a brilliant multi-instrumentalist. It was out of necessity that he now (he) plays so many instruments. He recorded his solo debut album Ceramik City Chronicles (2008) with his usual eight-man band. But halfway through the tour, it turned out that he was no longer able to pay his musicians. Left with no choice, Bernhoft decided to continue the tour as a one-man band. Armed with only a guitar, a Fender Rhodes and some electronic gear, he conjured up a band all on his own. He records sounds and beats with aloop station and sings over them while playing guitar.Bernhoft's energetic performances were a success and in 2010 he released the live album 1 Man, 2: Band. On his latest album, Solidarity Breaks, Bernhoft explores new horizons as a solo performer with soul and funk as the common thread running through his music.