Modern Creative

Mete Erker (saxophone); Anton Goudsmit (guitar); Oene van Geel (viola); Jeroen van Vliet (piano).

Sun  8 July 2012
22:00 - 23:15



Four leading Dutch improvisation talents come together on stage under the name Estafest. Guitarist Anton Goudsmit, winner of the 2010 Boy Edgar Award, presents a special collaboration at this year's North Sea Jazz Festival: viola player Oene van Geel of the Zapp String Quartet, Mete Erker of the Artvark Saxophone Quartet and pianist Jeroen van Vliet of Eric Vloeimans' Gatecrash. The lineup of viola, electric guitar, piano and reed instruments is definitely unusual due to the absence of bass and drums. However, the work of Estafest has so much rhythm that bass and drums are hardly missed. The repertoire does not consist of standards, but rather of the artists' own compositions and improvisations for soloists, duos, trios and quartets. Estafest's ground-breaking musical performance was recorded on the album Live! that was released last year.