Neil Cowley Trio featuring The Mount Molehill Strings

Modern Creative

Neil Cowley (piano); Rex Horan (double bass); Evan Jenkins (drums); Julian Ferraretto, Tom Mason (violin); Helen Sanders Hewett (viola); Ben Trigg (cello).

Sun  8 July 2012
16:00 - 17:15


Neil Cowley Trio featuring The Mount Molehill Strings

Initially, it didn't look like Neil Cowley would make use of his musical talents as a jazz pianist. He is a classically trained musician and in his teen years made the move to pop music. The 39-year-old pianist, who last year played keyboards on Adele's mega hit Rolling In The Deep, has been the leader of the Neil Cowley Trio for more than a decade now. At the beginning of this year The Face Of The Mount Molehill appeared, already the fourth album of the threesome. On this record, Cowley moves toward mainstream music, with a mix of power pop, minimalist soundscapes and - in his own description - "soundtracks in search of a film." Together with drummer Evan Jenkins and bassist Rex Horan, Cowley removes elements from their everyday musical structure and applies these in layers in his compositions. At the Festival, the trio will be accompanied by the four members of The Mount Molehill Strings.