Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler

Modern Creative - Electronic Jazz - World Music

Kamilya Jubran (vocals, oud); Werner Hasler (trumpet, electronics).

Fri  6 July 2012
21:30 - 22:45


Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler AG

Since 2002 singer/composer Kamilya Jubran has been living in Bern, Switzerland, but she was born in Galilea (Israel) to Palestinian parents. The vocalist (who also plays the oud) has performed in a duo with the Swiss Werner Hasler (trumpet and electronics) for many years. In 2005, the duo released their first album, Wameedd, which was followed this year by Wanabni. When Jubran and Werner perform live, the full meaning of working in a duo comes to the fore. Although the focus is on Jubran's voice, the characteristic sound of the oud and Hasler's delicate playing on trumpet and electronics provide for a mysterious and often poetic balance. Sometimes it sounds like world music in which musical worlds are colliding, but it is always about the music and never about the effect. The duo very often uses the works of Middle-Eastern poets as their starting point. A concert in which sound and meaning are interwoven.