Trumpet and Drums: Evans, Wooley, Black, Lytton

Modern Creative - Improvisation

Peter Evans, Nate Wooley (trumpet); Jim Black, Paul Lytton (drums).

Fri  6 July 2012
17:30 - 18:30


A quartet, but one consisting of two trumpet players and two drummers. And spectacular musicians at that. All four members of Trumpet and Drums are on a mission in search of the limitations of their instrument. The project started out with Peter Evans and Nate Wooley, who released High Society in 2011. On the album they made use of heavy amplifiers and distortion equipment for the sound of their trumpets. The two drummers Jim Black and Paul Lytton enjoy experimenting equally as much. The young Black enjoys drumming a Balkan beat or rock throb, and even digital soundscapes on his laptop. Lytton has been at the vanguard of drum improv for over 40 years. The four artists know each other from many collaborative and bilateral projects. During the experimental sessions, they are able to bring their four highly individual voices together as a quartet.