Rita Reys & Trio Peter Beets

Straight-Ahead Jazz

Rita Reys (vocals); Peter Beets (piano); Ruud Jacobs (double bass); Joost Patocka (drums).

Fri  6 July 2012
22:00 - 23:15


Rita Reys & Trio Peter Beets

What makes a legend? It is a word that is easily misused. But even those of us who wish to use it sparingly, can safely use it for Rita Reys. She can rightly be called a living legend. The singer, who is an octogenarian already, can look back on a colorful life that took a clear direction at an early stage. She has been honored with the title'Europe's First Lady Of Jazz' because ofher incomparable talent. And last year she was awarded the Order of the Dutch Lion, a royal honor. For many years now, Rita Reys has been accompanied by the trio of 'pianist hors concours' Peter Beets. Beets (1971) now sits in a place that was previously occupied by masters such as Pim Jacobs, Horace Silver, Louis van Dijk and Lex Jaspers.With veteran Ruud Jacobs on bass and drummer Joost Patocka, the Peter Beets Trio will form the best accompanying ensemble for this grand lady singer.