Lenny Kravitz

Pop - Soul

Lenny Kravitz (vocals, guitar); Harold Todd (saxophone); Gabrial McNair (trombone); Louis Ludovic (trumpet); Steve Baxter (trombone); Craig Ross (guitar); George Laks (keyboards); Gail Dorsey (bass); Royal Prince Franklin Vanderbilt R. (drums).

Fri  6 July 2012
00:30 - 02:00


Lenny Kravitz

Following up on the performances by Prince in 2011, this year multi-instrumentalist Lenny Kravitz is giving a night concert at North Sea Jazz. Kravitz is one of the greats of the music world and last year he released his ninth album. On Black & White America, Kravitz examines his roots as the child of a mixed-race couple. He researched his family history and with his music makes a statement about American multicultural society. Kravitz's has been influenced by many styles and genres, from R&B and soul, to jazz and even classical music. In his own music, Kravitz has one leg in rock and the other in soul. He grew up with jazz: his father was a jazz promoter and a friend of musicians likeDuke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis. He allows promising young jazz musicians to occupy prominent places in his band,including Trombone Shorty with his roots in the