Kurt Elling 'Swings Sinatra' with Klüvers Big Band

Vocal Jazz

Jens Kluver (director); Kurt Elling (vocals); Claus Waidtløw, Morten øberg (alto sax); Michael Bladt, Johan Toftegaard (tenor sax); Finn Harald Henriksen (baritone sax); Nikolai Bøgelund Pedersen, Stefan Ringive, Henrik Resen (trombone); Niel Jacob Nørgaard (bass trombone); Michael Mølhede, Jan Lynggaard Sørensen, Rasmus Bøgelund Pedersen, Jakob Buchanan (trumpet); Søren Bo Addemos (guitar); Mads Baerentzen (piano); Jasper Høiby (bass); Anton Eger (drums).

Sat  9 July 2011
00:00 - 01:15


Kurt Elling 'Swings Sinatra' with Klüvers Big Band

In America, Kurt Elling is regarded as the best jazz vocalist of this moment. He is a Grammy winner, has won several vocalist polls and regularly releases albums that are appreciated by audiences and critics alike. Elling is one of the best scat vocalists around and he is also a gifted lyrics writer. He has created his very own style, the "rant", where he improvises with words on the spot. During this edition of the North Sea Jazz Festival, he can be seen performing with several lineups. Besides a concert with his fellow singers Al Jarreau and Jon Hendricks and the Metropole Orkest, he will also perform Frank Sinatra's work, together with Klüvers Big Band. Furthermore, accompanied by the big band, Elling will play work from his latest album, The Gate, that includes songs by King Crimson, Herbie Hancock and The Beatles, among others.