New Cool Collective & Nairobi Friends


Willem Friede (arrangements, keyboards); Benjamin Herman (soprano sax, tenor sax); David Rockefeller (trumpet); Anton Goudsmit (guitar); Leslie Lopez (bass); Joost Kroon (drums); Jos de Haas, Frank van Dok (percussion); Oneko Arika, George Odero, Michel Ongaro (t.b.a.).

Sat  15 July 2006
00:45 - 02:00


The new CD of New Cool Collective, Trippin´, is the group’s strongest album so far. With good Latin jazz grooves, catching Afro beats and powerful, colorful compositions, the work is soaked in a sweltering sort of tropical atmosphere. It’s clever how this group, that presents a modern danceable jazz mix following the dance orchestras of the fifties and sixties, has managed to develop itself over the last ten years. Inspired by playing along with records of deejay Graham B in clubs, saxophonist Benjamin Herman has a ‘total package of amusement’ in mind when he forms New Cool Collective in 1994. A group of very talented musicians find each other in a swinging blend of Latin jazz, soul, salsa and triphop beats. At the beginning of this year New Cool Collective traveled to Kenya to perform at the African version of the North Sea Jazz Festival. In Rotterdam the band will play with three talented Kenyan guest musicians, Oneko Arika, George Odero and Michel Ongaro, whom they met during their workshops in Nairobi.