How to get to and from the NN North Sea Jazz Festival

During the festival access roads and parking spaces get very crowded. We therefore advise you to use the public transport, with which Rotterdam Ahoy is easily accessible. Before you leave, please check the site for updated information about your mode of transport. The doors of Ahoy open at 2.30 pm.

Festival location


If you travel to Rotterdam Central Station, you can transfer to a metro which takes you to Ahoy (Zuidplein stop).

PLEASE PLAN AHEAD! Construction is being done on Dutch railroads, mainly on weekends. Please check for any changes in the regular schedule.


Ahoy Rotterdam is easily reached using the metro and with over 30 different bus lines stopping at the Ahoy. Metro Line D departs from Rotterdam Central Station and Metro Line E is a straight metro from The Haque Central Station to Ahoy (stop Zuidplein).

OVpay is the new way of checking in and out of public transport in the Netherlands. At RET, you can also easily check in and out using your You don't need to activate anything. You can start traveling this way right away.

OVpay is available everywhere in the Netherlands. Also on all buses, trams, and metros operated by RET in the Rotterdam region.

How does it work?
1.  Hold your contactless debit card against the card reader, wait for the beep, and you're checked in. Make sure to take the card you want to use out of your wallet, so you're sure you're checking in with the right card!

 2.  Upon reaching your destination, you check out with the same card, just like with your OV-chipkaart. Again, hold your contactless debit card against the card reader, wait for the two beeps, and you're checked out. 
  • If your transportation ticket is checked, simply hold your debit card against the inspector's device. By the way, the inspector can only see your most recent check-ins.  
  • Pre-registering is not necessary, and your payment is automatic. The next day, the amount will appear in your payment overview with the description NLOV.
  • The price of your journey is the same as traveling with an OV-chipkaart without any discounts or subscriptions. This is how we make traveling smarter and easier.

    For more information, visit

    Follow the signs which will take you to the nearest available parking area. Since there probably will be a shortage of parking space and many traffic jams towards and from Rotterdam, we advise you to use the public transport facilities such as the train, bus and metro.

    More information about parking around Rotterdam Ahoy will be published at a later time.

    Taxis can be found at the forecourt of Ahoy and for UBER and other ordered transport there is a stand in Twentestraat, near Ahoy.