Frequently asked questions and answers

Take a look at frequently asked questions and their answer.

Tickets for the postponed editions of NN North Sea Jazz 2020 and 2021 remain valid for the same day in 2022. It’s not possible to change days. This also applies to tickets for the John Legend opening concert on Thursday.

Your tickets are stored in your personal account at Ticketmaster. Click here for more information on how to retrieve them.

With a group ticket, the entire group enters at once after scanning the ticket. It is not possible to enter staggered.
There is no in/out service. It is not possible to go out after entering and then back in later.
The upcoming festival takes place on Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July 2022. NN North Sea Jazz 2023 will take place on 7, 8 and 9 July
As of this year you can pay cashless for your food and drinks. Just like you’re used to elsewhere: with your debit card, credit card, or phone.

Unfortunately there are no special packages including over night stay available for the NN North Sea Jazz Festival 2022.

Rotterdam Ahoy is accessible by car; there are several road exits nearby. However, due to the overload of cars on the roads near Rotterdam we recommend to use the public transportation system. Click here for more information.             
The entire festival is accesible for disabled persons and every hall is accessible for people in a wheelchair. With the wide hallways, escalators and elevators the festival is easily accessible for everyone.              
The doors open on all days at 2.30.
You can bring a small camera. Only when you are accredited as a press photographer it’s allowed to bring professional photo / film cameras to the festival. IPads and other tablets are also not allowed, partly due to the discomfort they give other visitors when being used in the audience.
Unfortunately it's not possible to register to work at the festival at the moment. We have a large pool of employees from which we can draw each year, and a long reserve list.              
U betaalt servicekosten, omdat er gebruik wordt gemaakt van een extern ticketingsysteem. In het bedrag zitten de kosten die rechtstreeks gerelateerd zijn aan het ticket. Denk aan kosten voor het scannen, de helpdesk, backoffice, datacommunicatie, toegangscontrole, mensen die de voorstellingen in het ticketingsysteem invoeren.
A 3-day ticket gives you admittance to all the regular concerts and an All-in ticket gives you admittance to the regular concerts and all the plus concerts. Without an All-in ticket you have to buy supplementary tickets to go to a plusconcert. Plus concerts are are very special, exclusive and unique concerts where we expect far more visitors than the hall can handle. By selling supplementary tickets we are able to guarantee true music lovers a seat.              
To get access to a plus concert you first have to purchase a day ticket or a 3-day ticket. You cannot purchase a single supplementary tickets ticket. You could, however buy an All-in ticket which gives you access to the regular concerts and all the supplementary tickets.
Supplementary tickets in the Amazon are seated concerts and we expect far more visitors than the Amazon can handle. By selling supplementary tickets we are able to guarantee true music lovers a seat. Also supplementary tickets are very exclusive, special and unique concerts that we couldn’t have programmed without the extra fee