What is allowed to bring?

Backpacks are not allowed on the festival terrain. Handbags (with a maximum format of A4 and about 10 cm thick) are allowed.

It is not allowed: to bring listed items to the festival terrain:
Drinks (except water in plastic bottles with a maximum of 0,5 litres, without cap); bottles made of hard plastic; food; drugs and other mind-altering substances; (laughing) gas cartridges; spray cans (except sunscreen, deodorant and perfume); football shirts; club-related expressions; provocating or face-covering clothing; banners; carton/paper signs with captions (except up to A4 size); flags or flagpoles; umbrellas. Selfie sticks; laptops; notebooks; tablets; cameras; video/audio/other recording devices and Go Pros or similar equipment (only compact cameras without removable lenses will be allowed entry). Weapons; chains (except attached to trousers, and jewellery) or any other objects that can be used as a weapon or to cause disruption. Glow sticks; walkie-talkies; laser pens and other lights with a focused beam; toxic, flammable or explosive materials; fireworks; flares. (Pet) animals; chairs and stools (folding or not); canes (except medical); needles. Unmanned air vehicles (i.e. UAVs or drones) and all other possibly dangerous objects.

Chairs (folding or non-folding) or stools are not allowed because they can create an obstacle in case of evacuation. If you have an urgent medical reason to bring them, please contact the organisation well in advance via info@northseajazz.com.

The following objects are allowed:
Powerbank/battery packs for charging mobile phones, binoculars, sunscreen, hand ventilators on batteries, breast pumps.

The following objects are only allowed upon presentation of a medical passport:
Heavy medications; food and fluids necessary due to allergies or diseases, only upon presentation of a medical passport (available free of charge at any pharmacy; please allow circa three weeks application time).

In general: if you are unsure whether you are allowed to bring a certain object onto the festival site, you probably are not.

Please note: objects that are not allowed in will not be safeguarded for you. You are advised not to bring any unnecessary or valuable possessions.

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