NN Group

Partner of NN North Sea Jazz since 2018.

‘'Whatever change you’re facing, you can count on our support’. That is what NN, title sponsor of NN North Sea Jazz since 2018, promises. This promise perfectly matches the partnership between NN and North Sea Jazz, because music gets you moving, and brings support during the big and small changes in life.

Bring it on!

Life is full of changes. Often fun and positive, but sometimes also exciting or challenging. NN wants to encourage people to face life changes with confidence. Music can be a big support in this. It can give you the energy boost that helps you make that one change, it can make you reflect on life, it gives new insights or perspectives that make you take on new challenges and say: Bring it on!' That is why NN Group, which operates internationally but has strong roots in Rotterdam, is a partner of NN North Sea Jazz.

Gaidaa in the spotlights

In the run-up to North Sea Jazz 2022, NN supports Gaidaa, an up-and-coming musical talent in the neo-soul genre. She will perform for the first time this year at the NN North Sea Jazz festival. A debut on such a big stage is quite a change. It could be her big breakthrough. NN supports Gaidaa on her way to the big stage by putting her in the spotlight with an extensive PR and online campaign, including a mini-documentary. With this support, Gaidaa will step on that big stage on 8 July 2022 full of confidence.

Supporter of talent

NN believes that a talent like Gaidaa is a driver of positive change. With her music she inspires others, and inspiration is often the beginning of something new. That is why NN will put a talent in the spotlight every year during NN North Sea Jazz.

If you want to know more about NN’s sponsorships, check out nn-group.com/our-company/sponsorships.htm