Will you shine at the Open Stage?

This year, the Open Stage can be found at the Central Park Stage. Not only will there be small performances throughout the day, but visitors can also show what they have to offer musically. Every day there are a number

This year, the Open Stage will be located at the Central Park Stage. Here, you can experience performances from both local and international artists, but as a visitor, you can also join in for a jam session with the Open Stage musicians. You can showcase your musical talents during designated time slots available each day, for which you need to register ahead of time.

Each day, you’ll see different musicians at the Open Stage, who will open the session before visitors take the stage. On Friday July 12 the lineup is supported by Chaerin Im Quartet, on Saturday July 13 by Super Sonic Jazz x Higherlife Jam, and on Sunday July 14 by BIRD x The Nest Vol.3. These musicians will support you musically during your performance, as well as close the night together with NN North Sea Jazz artists.

Playing time per participant is around 5 minutes. To perform, you can sign up directly at the Open Stage in the Central Park area between 2.30 – 6.00 PM on all three festival days.

The stage is equipped with a fixed backline setup, including drums, keyboard, (double) bass, guitar and microphones that may be used. Visitors are only allowed to bring small instruments (such as saxophone, guitar, electric bass, violin, flute, etc.) provided they are registered with the organisation in advance. As house rules dictate you are only allowed to bring small bags, please make sure to register your instrument now by sending an e-mail to info@northseajazz.com. You will then receive a confirmation to show at the festival entrance. Please note this does NOT automatically guarantee a spot at the Open Stage; you’ll still have to register at the festival.

You can store your instrument at the regular festival wardrobe if needed.