Hudson Art Department

On the first floor, you can find an art fair with works from over fourteen Dutch and Belgian galleries. The central square has a sculpture garden and a contemporary design exhibit, displaying the works of established and rising talents.
Galerie 10a, Lode Lapere | Dactylogram, 140 x 120 cm, 2023
WTC The Hague Solo, Diederik Schneemann | Happy Vase ll

Every year the Hudson hallway, next to the Parkheuvel restaurant, hosts an extensive exposition where art and design by both established and up-and-coming names is shown. Participants are, among others: Namuso Gallery, WTC The Hague Art Gallery, Chiefs and Spirits, 94/97 Gallery, Galerie Weisbard, Gallery Untitled, The Millen House, Daanoe Experience Center, Galerie 10a, Galerie EL, Blomberg Gallery, Neck of the Woods en Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design.

Furthermore, there are solos by designer and textile artist Peter George d’Angelino Tap and the multidisciplinary artist Diederik Schneemann. Also, there’s the Curiosity exhibition, created by the participating galleries. 

Mike Pelletier

A central place is reserved for the exhibition BODY HEAT, curated by Yev Kravt, where 15 artists and designers come together to explore the different notions of our body temperature rising.