Sounds of Diversity – Palm and Plaate

The historical music heritage of Curaçao is rich but unknown to most music lovers. When the Dutch took control of the island from the Spanish in 1634, they probably never thought that the island would produce generation after generation of brilliant composers.

Musician and composer of classical and dance music Jan Gerard Palm (1831 - 1906) is the forefather of an extensive family of composers that have been a great influence on the classical Curaçao music for many generations through progressive and original musical and rhythmic choices. At the festival, music by Jacobo (1887 - 1982), Rudolph (1880 - 1950) and Edgar (1905 - 1998) will be performed. The exceptional Palms all taught music, were multi-instrumentalists and played in the Curaçao Philharmonic Orchestra as well as in church. They wrote hundreds of waltzes, tumbas, marches, mazurkas and church songs that remain popular even to this day.

Rudy Plaate (b. 1937) is one of Curaçao’s most important composers and he has greatly influenced the development of music on the island. As a singer, he poetically and lovingly sang about his cherished island of Curaçao in more than 400 songs. Plaate’s lyrics let Papiamentu shine elegantly, something that was revolutionary at the time. His songs made the people of the Antilles proud of their identity. For example, his classic Atardi, about the sunset on Curaçao, is unforgettable for all Antilleans.

Izaline Calister
Randal Corsen
Maruja Bogaard

With Palm & Plaate Classic And Popular Compositions From Curaçao, the Metropole Orkest pays tribute to the oeuvres of these legendary composers from Curaçao. The performance was compiled by musical director and pianist Randal Corsen, with standout musicians and vocalists Izaline Calister, Maruja Bogaard, Pernell Saturnino, Jean-Jacques Roger, Roël Calister, Stanley Clementina, Cici Isenia and Tamara Nivillac.