Sounds of Diversity – Diaspora Suite

The Metropole Orkest and Mike Bindraban, the curator and co-initiator of this theme, are the drivers behind 'The Diaspora Suite'.
Laura Mvula
Ronald Snijders

Under the baton of Jules Buckley, national and international artists, writers and musicians join the orchestra in telling in sound and word the story of the diaspora as it stands in the year 2023. Top musicians from the Dutch diaspora, such as Typhoon, Akwasi, Ronald Snijders, Shirma Rouse, but also  drummer Yoràn Vroom, bassists Jason Eduwaiti and Adinda Meertins and violinists Yannick Hiwat and Shauntell Baumgard, do not let this momentum or their own historical narrative go unheeded. Together with international artists such as Laura Mvula, Corinne Bailey Rae, Arooj Aftab, Sarathy Korwar, Cassie Kinoshi and Camilla George connect the past to the present with their music. Well-known Dutch authors Sheila Sitalsing, Glenn Helberg and Karin Amatmoekrim, accompanied by improvising musicians, read excerpts from iconic works by Anton de Kom, Anil Ramdas and Joceline Clemencia, who have played an important role in passing on knowledge about our common past. The performance is set against photographs of mothers of the diaspora.