Talking Jazz

At Mississippi Terrace visitors can really get to know the artists performing at the NN North Sea Jazz Festival. With surprising panels, informative clinics, and intriguing interviews, this is the place to be to get a unique view into the world of jazz.


On each festival day visitors can enjoy a special clinic by a big name in jazz. At previous editions, musicians such as Han Bennink, John Scofield, and Jacob Collier came by to talk about their instruments.

Panels, interviews & more

At Mississippi Terrace several panels and interviews will take place. Presenters will interview various artists about a subject close to their heart. The result: provoking questions, scintillating discussions and an in-depth view into the careers and personalities of the musicians. In the Blindfold Test, made famous by the renowned DownBeat magazine, artists’ musical knowledge is put to the test.

The contents of the program can be found in the time tables.