Exhibitions by Bob Smit

In Hudson Hall, next to Parkheuvel restaurant, an extensive exhibit will be on show like always. In a museum setting eleven galleries will show and sell art by established artists as well as up and coming talent.
The art fair has grown to no less than thirteen presentations, including four solos by Toyin Loye, Jamel Armand, Iwan Smit, and Ingrid Baars. In the middle, the current exhibit Empowerment will host a selection of pieces by women who are skilled in visual arts.
For the second time Dutch Design will be on show at North Sea Jazz. This year you’ll be able to enjoy art by Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk. Both are among the best-known names in The Netherlands when it comes to design. Kiki and Joost continue to surprise their audiences time and time again. They are also the designers of two catering plazas at the festival; Central Square and the brand new Central Park.
The title No Walls Expo says it all: no walls, so no conventional exhibition. The works on show are displayed like trees, no straight lines and not confined by walls or space.
Patrick Willocq will show four pieces from his series I BeKoZ YoU, Act 1 of the Ekonda Batwa women of Congo; next to that, portraits by Denis Rouvre of Senegalese wrestlers will be set up. Paul Bergen, a photographer who has been working at the festival since 1985, will show a retrospective of his most iconic pictures.