The place where lovers of jazz, art and nice food and drink come together is called the ArtBar; here you have the opportunity to gather together between performances and enjoy extraordinary art pieces while at the same time indulging your taste buds.

The art exhibition is spread over two floors: next to Murray hall and, one floor higher, on Madeira Avenue. Here you can find a collection of jazz photography, contemporary African art, abstract art and Street/Urban Art. 

The photography is by the first female jazz photographer Susan Susanne Schapowalow..Contemporary African art is popular these days, especially among international audiences; well-known artists let the continent inspire them and art enthusiasts in the western world are looking beyond their own parts of the world at what else is out there. At the festival, work will be shown by African artists Ephrem Solomon, Kiribul Melke and Adam Masava, originating from Ethiopia and Kenya. Also on show this year: abstract pieces by Dutch artists Matthieu Ficheroux, Geraldine Kol and Karel Dicker.

Street or Urban Art arose in the 1980s in the New York subway, but nowadays has spread over the globe. With a visual language that is different from traditional paintings, this new art form draws a fresh, younger audience towards exhibits and galleries. In the Madeira Avenue you can see work by Anuli Kroon, Reinier Landwehr and Jawgem. Last but not least, as always the exhibition will feature the winning designs made during the Art Poster competition launched annually among art students at the Willem de Kooning Academy.