Art Bar

Art has always played an important role at North Sea Jazz. There are clear similarities between art and jazz: both equal creativity, improvisation, and a certain stratification. The Art Bar is a place where visitors, jazz and art come together.

A meeting place for jazz and art enthusiasts is located on the third floor, next to Madeira hall. Here you’ll find jazz photography in an exhibition with work by the recently discovered Susanne Schapowalow, contemporary African art, and design. Nowadays, there is an increasing interest in international contemporary African art. We gladly respond to this global trend with pieces by Angele Etoundi Essamba (photography), Adam Masava (paintings), Toyin Loye (work on paper), Henk Bothof (photography), and Tyna Adebowale (paintings). Also, design by Sander Bokkinga will be shown. 
At the exhibit you will also find the winning design for 2019’s North Sea Jazz Art poster, together with a selection of other designs made by students of Willem de Kooning Academie. 

Visitors can meet up in the Art Bar in between concerts to look at art and enjoy a drink or an injara; a Ethiopian delicacy.

Madeira Foyer
Toyin Loye