As ever, the festival presents a number of special projects and collaborations.

Expectations for the Sunday Amazon concert are high: beloved trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf will honor the Queen of Sheba symphonically with none other than singer Angélique Kidjo.

Orchestral wizard Maria Schneider works together with the original Norwegian mini big band Ensemble Denada on Friday. Creative new urban jazz hero Robert Glasper compiled a super band with trumpeter Christian Scott, bassist Derrick Hodge and multi talents Terrace Martin and Taylor McFerrin (the son of Bobby). The band name Reflect + Respond = Now is inspired by Nina Simone. On Friday in Congo.

The happy music performed in Amazon on Saturday is known by many under the title Jazz Loves Disney. This project, originally from France, consists of two albums released on the Verve label. Classic hits from animated movies like Lady And The Tramp and The Little Mermaid have received a big band overhaul and will performed by Hugh Coltman, Myles Sanko, Sarah McKenzie and China Moses, among others.