Art Fair

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair is a well-known art fair which has been adapted especially for the festival. In the midst of all the music, you’ll feel like you are walking in a museum with a selection of extraordinary art and design, compiled by curator Bob Smit.

In Hudson Hall you’ll find five solo presentations with the newest work of artists such as Arnout Visser, who will show his unique, hand-blown glass balls. Also featured is the work of master painter and jazz fanatic Johan Zevenbergen, who passed away in 2013. Don’t miss the NO WALLS exhibit with installations and sculptures by Paul Vinken and MISHMASH.

The Masters of Rotterdam exhibit will feature a selection of the best artists from Rotterdam such as Ropp Schouten, Niels Smits van Burgst, and 
Wil Jansen, among others. You will see unique artworks inspired by music.