De Beren Gieren

Modern Creative

Fulco Ottervanger (piano); Lieven van Pee (bass); Simon Segers (drums).

Fri  11 July 2014
19:00 - 20:15


De Beren Gieren Copyright: Pieter-Jan De Pue
De Beren Gieren (‘The Bears Shriek’) is more than a powerful band name that arouses curiosity. The trio, constructed in 2009 around Dutch pianist Fulco Ottervanger, have experimental improvisations as their trademark. In their own words, De Beren Gieren can be found in the murky area between expectation and surprise. Classical and contemporary themes are playfully lifted out of their trusted musical framework by this threesome. The result is a mix of jazz, rock and classical music-inspired improvisations that sounds fresh and exciting and betrays a great musicality that contains lots of humor and perspective. De Beren Gieren aren’t the worse for it. Although still young, they have already won two prizes: Hoeilaart 2012 and Gent Jazz 2013. Also, they have collaborated with renowned artists like Ernst Reijseger, Louis Sclavis, Jan Klare and Susana Santos Silva. These days, the call for De Beren Gieren sounds far beyond the Belgian borders.