Modern Creative

Mikko Pellinen (bass); Tuomas Timonen (drums); Panu Savolainen (vibraphone).

Sat  7 July 2012
22:00 - 23:00



Finnish trio HERD is part of a new generation of progressive jazz musicians. The young group, formed in 2009 in Helsinki, has an unusual lineup: Panu Savolainen on vibraphone, Mikko Pellinen on double bass and Tuomas Timonen on drums. HERD's music is reserved and subtle, but at the same time it can swing through the roof. The trio combines no-nonsense swing with their own powerful, dynamic compositions, which seem to grow with each performance. Today, the combo enjoys a fine reputation built on their appearances at home and abroad and their debut album HERD Live!. The group has performed at all the major jazz festivals in Finland. HERD won the first prize in the EBU European Jazz Competition at the North Sea Jazz Festival last year and are thus invited back to Rotterdam this summer.