FAQ named
ticket sale

Please read the most asked questions and answers regarding the named ticket sale.

Where can I order North Sea Jazz tickets?
Tickets can only be purchased online via the Ticketmaster website and the Ticketmaster app, www.ticketmaster.nl. Or as a vip-package via www.tuned-hospitality.nl. There will be no tickets available from post offices and/or Primera stores.

Why are the North Sea Jazz tickets named?
The aim is to ensure that tickets are only purchased by those who are actually attending the festival and to prevent reselling. The process should allow more people the opportunity to purchase their tickets at the special early bird rate.

Will all tickets for North Sea Jazz 2018 be sold as named tickets?
No, only three day tickets are being sold as named tickets.

How many tickets can I order for North Sea Jazz?
A maximum of four tickets per customer.

Am I required to fill in the name(s) as it appears on the ID?
Enter the name exactly as it appears on the ID.

Do I have to bring my ID to the festival?
Yes, it will be checked at the entrance.

Can I order e-tickets and physical tickets for North Sea Jazz?
For this concert Ticketmaster will sell both e-tickets and physical tickets. Names will appear on both ticket types and will be checked at the entrance.

When will tickets be sent?
Ticketmaster will send the e-tickets immediately after your purchase. Due to busy online traffic, it may take a few minutes before you receive your tickets. If you have not received your tickets one hour after purchasing please contact the Ticketmaster Customer Service via the online contact form. Physical tickets will be sent to you 3 working days after purchase date.

Can I change the name on my ticket?
This is not possible. Tickets are non-transferable. In special circumstances a change of name can be requested. These requests will be individually assessed at a later date. In case of an exception, a name change fee will be applicable. If you are not sure who is going with you at the time of your purchase, please enter your own name multiple times. All attendees will have to simultaneously pass through the ticket check at the festival.

Can I buy tickets from a third party? (for example via Marktplaats)
No, a ticket can only be used by the person whose name appears on it. At the entrance the name on the ticket will be checked along with your ID. If they do not match you will be denied access to the festival.

Can the buyer and the holder of the other tickets separately go to the festival?
Only if all tickets have the correct name that corresponds with the name on each personal ID. In the event that the same name is on two tickets, both visitors will have to simultaneously cross the ticket check at the festival entrance. The buyer's name and ID will be checked.

Can I buy tickets for somebody else? For instance as a gift, or when the other person is not able to buy tickets at the on-sale date?
Yes, you can. When purchasing tickets, fill in the name of the person you are buying tickets for instead of your own name.

I made a spelling mistake in my name, can I change this at a later date?
A small spelling mistake in the name will be ignored. If you are in doubt, please contact the Ticketmaster Customer Service via the online contact form.

What should I do if I still have questions about this concert and the ticket sale process?
Please contact the Ticketmaster Customer Service via the online contact form or phone number 0900-300 1250 ( €0,60 p/m, only from The Netherlands).