Bio-based packaging at North Sea Jazz

Starting with the 2019 edition, the festival will no longer make use of fossil fuel-based plastic for cups and other food disposables, such as plates, boxes, containers, cutlery and straws. With the exception of waterbottles until 2020.

As of 2019, the festival will only use biodegradable materials with the exception of water bottles. The new bio-based cups will be collected and re-cycled, and the other bio-based disposables will be processed seperately.

The cups for North Sea Jazz are already made of bio-based PLA since many years. This is a renewable material, made of corn or sugar beet. The cup looks and feels like a traditional plastic festival cup, but because it is made of bio matter, its CO2 footprint is much smaller. The cups can be collected, separate from the other waste material, after which they will be recycled.

The organizers of the NN North Sea Jazz Festival, MOJO Concerts has signed the Plastic Pact NL, initiated by the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works. More information.