Art Fair

The Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair is an independent art fair which shows an extraordinary mix of art, design, performances and installations. This year, as before, a special selection can be viewed at the festival.

The sixth edition of RC Art Fair took place this February. The contemporary fair has developed into one of the most important presentations of current art.

At North Sea Jazz, audiences get the opportunity to witness firsthand how music and art are each other's inspiration. At Hudson Square, Rotterdam Contemporary will show five museological presentations which were made especially for the festival.

Just across is the NO WALLS Expo, an exhibition of works unbound by space or walls. The selection consists of monumental and small sculptures, installations and designs by world famous artists as well as upcoming talent. The selection was made in cooperation with Yvonne de Jong of Assembled by Root.

Masters of Rotterdam  Rotterdam is the city where a large part of the best contemporary painters in the Netherlands hail from. During Rotterdam Art Week, an oversight exhibition of twenty ‘Masters of Rotterdam’ took place. At the festival, a special selection can be viewed.