Although the role of record companies has changed considerably compared to one hundred years ago, there are still influential labels.

Remarkably these are often small companies that are able to stand out from the furiously fast digital developments through meticulous choices of quality. PI Recordings, run by former Knitting Factory employee Seth Rosner and ex-investment banker and jazz fanatic Yulun Wang, excels in innovative music by artists that sound like no other.

Since 2001 the label releases a couple of albums each year that were each welcomed by critics and connoisseurs alike. Many musicians who were supported by PI at the beginning of their career have now become established names on the creative scene. These include Tyshawn Sorey, Rudresh Mahanthappa and Steve Lehman. The label also keeps the focus on founding members like Henry Threadgill and Muhal Richard Abrams.

On Sunday PI Recordings will present a combination of fresh and established legends in Madeira hall. These include, besides Lehman and Abrams, saxophonist Steve Coleman and guitarist Liberty Ellman: the latter can be heard on no less than eleven albums of the label.