Besides music, art has always been an important part of the North Sea Jazz Festival. Jazz Art has been present for years and will once again show a selection of paintings, photographs and more.

The Spirit Feel is the title of a 1959 composition by jazz legend Milt Jackson. It is the guideline for an exhibition in Madeira Lounge, showing how the essence of jazz was translated into raw, touching, beautiful and fascinating images. The ‘spirit feel’ is also present at Congo Square, where each day artists let themselves be inspired by the music and atmosphere of the festival. 

Paintings, objects and art prints by audience favorite Easton Davy will be shown in an exhibition entitled Souls Grown Deep, an oversight of Davy’s career of 25 years in which he lets himself be inspired by the history of black music in the United States. The exhibition will show a number of key pieces from his body of work, next to recent pieces which he made for the FKA Twigs theatre show, among others, in London last year. Easton Davy can be seen in action at Congo Square on Friday, just like Judy van Meteren on Saturday and Erico Smit on Sunday.

Nothing can show an emotion as well as the stilled moment of a photograph. Through the years, the best photographers have been capturing performing artists at the North Sea Jazz Festival. They tell a story about music, the artists, the festival and its visitors. The North Sea Jazz Archives will show the best pictures from the festival, selected by master photographers Vincent Mentzel, Hans van Ommeren, and Henk Bothof. The Jazz Art show is hosted by Music Inspired Art/Wim van Zon.